Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweet, sweet baby

Right now the sun shines brightly in our west-facing window in the inpatient part of Seattle Children's Hospital. Matthew is here with us, resting and feeling pretty miserable, but done with surgery. We are grateful, but also aware that he has some serious recovery ahead of him.

Maya and Sam (and my parents) got to see him for a few minutes before heading home--they were interested and not too freaked out by their little brother's new face. It was actually a sweet moment.

This has been a very long day, but we are grateful that surgery is done and we can support Matthew through the healing process. We continue to feel incredibly blessed by Seattle Children's--by their kid-centered care and all the communication and support we've received.

More photos to come later, but here are a couple from when they brought him back to us. His face is quite swollen and puffy right now--in the weeks ahead, it will flatten out and relax as it heals. I am still amazed that our son has an intact lip--what an amazing act of skill and artistry was shown by Dr. Tse today. We feel overwhelmed with gratitude for his steady hand and his skill in the operating room.

Here's our boy--still the same kiddo but on his way to a repaired and intact lip. We would appreciate your continued prayers for some rest for all of us (especially Matthew) and continued healing too.

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  1. He looks amazing! Celebrating a successful surgery and a sweet, sweet boy with you. xoxo