Saturday, March 27, 2010

Naked and Loving It!

Here's the story: It was a warm, sunny Saturday today. Maya and Samuel were playing outside in the yard, digging with trucks in the dirt, when Maya came and asked if she could hose off her dirty feet. Since the hoses are still in the garage from the winter, I told her that instead, I'd get a bucket of warm water and she could wash her feet off in that.

I ended up getting one for Sam too. Then Maya asked if she could take off her clothes and play in the warm water. Sure, I said. Of course Sam wanted to do the same thing. So both kids ended up naked in these little blue buckets playing in the backyard.

It was hilarious. I'm not sure what's worse--playing naked in March or the fact that my almost-five-year-old daughter still fits in a bucket.
Here they are above, with big smiles. About a minute later, they were shivering!

Cousin Parker is Seven Weeks Old!

Parker is seven weeks old tomorrow, and the time feels like it's just flying by. His mom and dad are doing such a great job of taking care of him. Yes, they are exhausted, but they also have such a great sense of humor about everything. We feel so lucky to live down the street from Parker and his parents.

Here are some of his newest shots. His Auntie Ree is a little ga-ga about taking pictures of him, but he's just SO cute. We love every minute that we get to spend with Parker.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Visit to Sequim

We have been meaning to make a trip to Sequim to visit my aunt and uncle since moving back to the Northwest. This past weekend we finally found time to make the trip.

Gary and Claudia live just up from the beach in Diamond Point. We had a wonderful two nights with them. The kids got to walk along the beach and collect rocks and shells.

Both Maya and Sam also got to take a "pretend" ride in Uncle Gary's airplane. Maya pretended like she was flying.

The night before we left, Sam had a fun bath in the utility sink.

And here he is singing some of his favorite songs.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Cousins

On Saturday, Amy and I decided to take the kids and run some errands around town. I have often heard it said that it IS possible to get three carseats in the back seat of a Subaru, so we decided to test the theory.

It works!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Northwest Adventure

Last week, our friends Phil and Kaitlin came to visit us in Everett, and together we took a little trip up Whidbey Island and into Bellingham. We took the ferry across from Mukilteo to Clinton, then hiked on the beach and saw a pod of whales just off the shore. We also watched a bald eagle fly along the shoreline. Then we had lunch in Coopeville, played at the park in Oak Harbor, then stayed overnight at Camp Lutherwood and spent a wonderful morning exploring Bellingham.

Kaitlin and Phil brought gliders from Astoria for Maya and Sam to fly.

Sam LOVES his hat made by my friend Rachel.

Maya found wonderful treasures on the beach.

Here are Phil and Kaitlin hiking down from the trail to the beach.