Monday, July 8, 2013


One of the best parts of summer is the freedom to play outside from sun up to sun down. Matthew LOVES being outside, and since we’ve made some changes to our backyard, the kids are fairly free to roam back there whenever they like.

Last weekend Maya, Sam, and their cousin Parker put on a show for the rest of the family, and Matthew got to play a role. One new change in Matthew is that his sense of himself as a social being is developing, and he’s taking a more active role in playing with other children these days. I love to watch him run around after his siblings, laughing and following them even though he’s not totally sure what game they are playing.

He also loves playing with water—the hose is his favorite part of the backyard. Sun or clouds, if we give him the chance, he’ll be soaked to the bone and having the time of his life.

The other wonderful (and terrible) change in Matthew is that he’s moved into a stage of temper tantrums. Man, can he throw a first-class tantrum. It’s frustrating sometimes, but I am also thankful because I can tell he’s frustrated himself by not being able to communicate, and I expect that his frustration will eventually push him over the edge into saying some words.

He is TWO, after all. ‘Tis the season for temper tantrums, and it’s nice to see he’s right on target for some things!

Summer is flying by and we are taking advantage of each and every moment we can.