Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skipping Rocks

In late April, on a Saturday afternoon, the weather was so lovely that we just had to get outdoors. So we packed a picnic and headed to a state park that is located right next to one of our beautiful Pacific Northwest rivers.

The kids loved throwing rocks into the river, and Aaron taught them a little bit about rock skipping.

What a glorious Saturday.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Grandma and Grandpa Russell (Paula and Dave) made the trip over from Sandpoint to join us for Easter this year. We had a lovely day--we joined my family at my parents' house for Easter Dinner and an easter egg hunt. Our friends Seongheon, Yunhui and Danbi joined us too. Danbi is in preschool with Sam, and it was her first Easter egg hunt ever!

It was the perfect day: beautiful weather, wonderful family, and a deep and meaningful reminder of grace and hope in our lives.

Easter photos on the front porch

Sam with his hands in Maya's hair

Kids with Grandma and Grandpa

While we are still four . . . a family photo

Just before the Easter egg hunt

Sam checks out his loot (with help from Aaron)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April at the Cabin

In early April, for Spring Break, we spent several days at our family cabin in the Cascade Mountains near Leavenworth. The weather was lovely. My parents joined us for a few days up there too. Maya and Sam did a hike with them one day while Aaron and I got our own little "date hike." What a relaxing way to spend Spring Break.

A hike to the bench above the river.

My blue-eyed boy

The hikers pause for a shot.

On the bridge in Leavenworth

Family photo by the river in Leavenworth

Silly Russells!

Sam trudges back to the car

Me and my girl.

Sam reads with Marmie at the cabin