Saturday, June 13, 2015

A family outside

There is no place our family is happier than when we are out and about, having adventures. We're all especially happy in the woods or on a trail--or even just playing in the backyard.

The arrival of summer affords us the pleasure of spending a lot of our time in the fresh air. We've planned many adventures in the coming weeks that will take us away from home and into the woods or mountains.

As we count down the days until school is out (3!), we're squeezing in some outside fun to whet our appetites for a long and glorious summer in the fresh air.

Matthew had a lot of fun at friends' house with this little shopping cart.

Our boy just jumped on this bike with training wheels and he was off!

Heading back to the car after a bike ride and some park playtime.

Our first al fresco dinner of the summer.

Heading somewhere: I love this shot because of Matthew's relaxed car seat position.

A little horse time for Miss Maya.