Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heading into Surgery

Well, after a long morning of distracting Matthew from thinking about being hungry, waiting for an operating room to open up, and making these hours a fun adventure for our boy, they finally walked him back.

Surgery began around 11:30 am . . . which means he'll be done about 2:30 and in recovery for about an hour. Assuming all goes well, we'll see him again about 3:30.

Just finished eating lunch and visiting with our friend Heather, who is a nurse supervisor on one of the floors. Tauni, our friend who is a nurse in ICU, is also around and we look forward to seeing her too. The distraction is nice.

Here are some photos from the morning of our cute little patient in his teeny-tiny hospital gown and yellow booties. Our 20-month old field tester has deemed the booties "unfit for patient use," however, as they fell off within 30 seconds of putting them on.

More when we know more . . .

I think Matthew kept hoping some food would come out of his thumb this morning

Checking out the cool, abeit scratchy, hospital blanket.

I know I'm biased, but isn't he ADORABLE!!

Here he's doing his little hospital gown dance.

Getting extra snuggles from Marmie.

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  1. He IS adorable. I love that the gown hits him just at his diaper and you can see his cute chubby toddler knees. Still an hour and a half to go.... have you hit Tullys yet? Or the West (?) entrance where they have a story board of how Children's began...some neat pictures of the blessed women who wanted to care for sick kiddos. The gift store sometimes has interesting things to pass time too :) Virtual hug >-------O--------<