Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy December from Matthew

Hello everyone. Since Mom wasn't doing a very good job of blogging about me these past months, i figured it was time to take matters into my own hands. And since it's been so many months since she posted anything, I figured you might like a little recap. So here it is.

This year I . . .
Rang in the new year at Tall Timber Ranch in the Cascade Mountains.

Spent time in snow country with my family.

Watched my mom and sister snowshoe in the falling snow.

Gave my dad and mom lots of kisses.

Said goodbye to my sister as she flew to New Jersey with my mom.

Welcomed a new cousin, baby Nicholas.

Watched my cousins and grandparents be SILLY!

Spent spring break with our dear friends in Pullman, WA.

Went hiking on Whidbey Island.

Read lots and lots of books.

Cheered on the Seattle Sounders with my dad.

Learned to love balloons.

Also learned to stop being afraid of latex gloves.

Spent a weekend in Ocean Shores with friends.

Got covered in sand.

Wrestled a lot with my dad.

Picked strawberries with my family.

Went for lots of hikes.

Sent my sister and brother off to their last day of school in June.

Celebrated my brother's 8th birthday.

Started learning to smile for the camera.

Became obsessed with balloons.

Rode my skuut at a park in Utah.

Hiked at Arches National Park.

Hiked in the hills of Colorado.

Hiked on the trails in Western Washington.

Mastered the art of smiling.

Got lots of piggy-back rides.

Learned to smile REALLY big.

Cut down a Christmas tree with my grandparents.

And got a room full of balloons for my 6th birthday!
It has been a busy year indeed. I'm definitely giving my family a run for their money with all my changes and developments, and also all my challenging behaviors. But we're making a way together, and I'm gaining skills and communicating more than ever. They love my new smile, my boundless energy, my creativity, and the way I'm always up for a new adventure.

My mom is sorry she hasn't blogged more in 2016, but she hopes to do more in 2017. Our family knows it takes a village to raise a kiddo like me, and they are SO thankful for the village that surrounds us.