Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby Parker

He's only been here a week and already Parker has won the hearts of every member of his family. His tiny pursed lips, his little stretches, his squeaks . . . oh, I think I could stare at him all day long. Of course he's keeping his parents up all night, which is why Marmie is camping out at Amy and Colby's house for a few days to help with the nighttime feedings and wakings. But she's the best--She was there when both Maya and Sam came home too, and I wouldn't have made it without her.
Of course Parker's always an angel when Marmie's holding him.

Here he's getting his diaper changed.

And here are the proud new parents, doing remarkably well for having a baby only a few days old.

Can you tell I'm a little enamored by my nephew? He's the most popular guy on the block these days, and we're all feeling pretty lucky that we can run over to his house and squeeze him whenever we want to!

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