Monday, February 22, 2010


Yesterday our little family of four took a day trip up to Anacortes, where Aaron and I used to live. We visited all our old haunts--gorgeous Washington Park, Padilla Bay, and the fun little downtown part of Anacortes. It was a stunning day--the San Juan Islands were clear and green, the water sparkled, and the sunshine warmed us all day long.

The kids loved playing on the beach, and they also had a great time at Storvik Park in Anacortes. Most of all, it gave us a chance to be a family of four for a few hours.

Here we are at Washington Park with the San Juans behind us

Samuel loves the beach!

Aaron played tag with the kids out on the grass. Sam wasn't so sure about tag.

Hair just like his mama's when she was young.
They called me Lucy Lettuce Hair!

Aaron checks out the water while Maya scales the rock in the background.

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