Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas

We enjoyed Christmas in two homes this year. For the actual week of Christmas, we headed east to Idaho to spend time with Aaron's family. Although there wasn't much snow on the ground, it felt like a winter wonderland compared to the rain and grey skies of Western Washington.

Especially wonderful was Round Lake, frozen ten inches deep. It afforded us many opportunities to ice skate and pull the kids around on sleds. Maya and Sam both LOVED the ice--and Aaron and I got got to practice our balance on skates while pulling the sled behind us.

Unlike last year, both Maya and Sam enjoyed the sled, and they did it TOGETHER!

Here's Aaron learning to pull Maya behind him while ice skating. Notice the look of pure joy and delight on Maya's face as she grips the edges of the sled.

Sam was content to lie on the ice and look around. He tried walking for a bit, but after several slippery falls, he decided that low to the ground was best!

This is a rare Russell family photo--we all joined Sam on the ice for a "laying down" shot. Except for Maya's hand in front of her face, it's pretty fun.

Even in Idaho, we all donned our "gay apparel" for Christmas dinner. Aaron's mom roasted a delicious turkey and we enjoyed mashed potatoes, gravy, and the famous Russell family shrimp salad.

Maya and Sam were sad to leave Grandma and Grandpa--such fantastic playmates should live much closer to their grandchildren!

On Sunday, December 27th we traveled back across the mountains to Everett for an Eklund family Christmas at home (since we live in Everett with my parents right now).

One of the new Eklund Christmas traditions is the wearing of the tacky Christmas sweater. The vests Aaron and I are wearing belonged to my grandma Marion, although I think she wore them much better than we. Sam and Maya look cute, I know. I looked for tacky kid sweaters, but not a one could be found.

And how many kids are lucky enough to have two fantastic sets of grandparents? Here Maya and Sam pose with Bapa and Marmie, also wearing their tacky sweaters.

It was a busy holiday full of family, adventures, and celebration!

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