Tuesday, August 11, 2009

People We Love

We are doing just fine in Everett. Just fine. But there are people who were our friends and neighbors in Pullman whom we miss VERY much. These are some pictures of those people. It's not an exhaustive list by any means--just a small representation of friends we love. But these dear faces bring us joy and remind us of a very sweet time.

Sam playing at the park a few days before we left.

Aaron and Maya playing djembe in the Watsons' living room.

Three special friends; Annemarie, Kaitlin and Amy. I miss these dear souls SO much.

Two of Maya's favorite people: Gracie and Ryan.

Sweet, sweet Sydney and her fantastic mama Tiffany (a fellow writer, English teacher and kindred spirit!)

Maya, Leila and Maren: Four-year-old buddies!

Liz and Elsina.

Maya and Leila indulge me with their smiling faces.

Helping Sydney on the teeter-totter.

Sam and his best-buddy Ethan. They are 8 days apart in age.

Farewell, Pullman people. We miss you more than you know.

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