Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maya's 4th Birthday

June 2nd was Maya's fourth birthday. Since we flew to New Jersey that day, we celebrated in grand style the weekend before. Dave, Paula, Bruce, Barbara and Amy came from out of town to celebrate and we did a family dinner on Saturday evening that included our friends Phil and Kaitlin. Sunday afternoon from 1-2:30 was Maya's first "kid party." We invited seven of her friends from Pullman to come to a Zoo Train Party . . . classic kid style, complete with a water-balloon toss and pin-the-tail-on-the-elephant (think: zoo theme). Maya felt truly celebrated -- she blew out candles THREE times (Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, and again on her actual birthday when we arrived in New Jersey). It reminded me how excited I was for my own birthday celebrations as a kid. Now, while I don't tremble at the thought of another birthday, it doesn't have the magic and excitement that it used to. But watching Maya truly ENJOY her birthday reminded me again how magical it can be to celebrate the passing of years. Maybe she'll feel differently at 33 (like me), but I for one hope that sense of wonder and magic stays with her as long as possible. She's kindled it in me once again.

Pictures from the party:

Phil gives Maya some t-ball lessons

A ride in the new wagon from Grandma & Grandpa

The Birthday Girl is all smiles

Some of Maya's friends at the birthday party

The water-balloon toss

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