Friday, August 22, 2014

This Summer

Here's what we've been doing this summer at our house:

Playing together in the back yard.

Taking road trips to fun places

Playing at the neighborhood splash pad

Enjoying the sunshine.

Helping Matthew experience new things.

Being silly with cousin Parker.

Going to the Sounders game.

Hiking in the hot Boise hills with my parents.

Teaching Matthew new skills.

Watching "Mater's Tall Tales" over and over again (if you're Matthew).

Spending time with sweet cousin Hayden.

Pushing cousin Parker on the swings.

Spending time with second cousins.

Being totally adorable.

Building a raft out of fallen trees.

Learning to fish.

Exploring the North Cascades in all its beauty.

Hiking in Glacier National Park.

Enjoying being together with aunts and cousins.

Escaping the kids for a VERY hard hike to Apgar Lookout.

Celebrating Matthew's adoption re-finalization.

Being blessed by family who come to celebrate with us.
And with that, fall is upon us. Trinity students arrive on campus tomorrow and the college's first day is Monday. Our own kiddos start back to school the Wednesday after Labor Day. There's still just enough time for a beach day on Camano Island this coming Sunday and a couple nights in the Cascades during Labor Day before we truly welcome in Autumn and the return to the school schedule.

Kids are growing and learning--parents are busy--and life is well for the Russells.

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