Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Day in Photos

It's been quite a day, best shared in the pictures I've snapped as the hours went by. They are below.

Just wanted to give a shout out to the wonderful visitors who came to see us today: Tauni, Pastor Ann, Nina, Douglas, my parents, and Maya & Sam. And cheers to Erik who came last night. It's SO good to have people around us during these hospital days.

This morning saw Matthew tired and still in quite a lot of pain. He slept for a few hours in his crib.

Then Auntie Nina came to visit, and we decided to try a walk.

We realized at 2pm that Matthew's mouth had been open all day. Sore palate!

Daddy begins coaxing the bottle. Matthew takes a few sips!

And a few sips more. That's all he did today, but it's a GOOD start!

Marmie and Bapa bring Sam and Maya for a visit. All 3 kids play in the playroom.

Matthew enjoys many books read to him today.

We take his mitts off for a few minutes so he can enjoy playing with his hands.

Finally I get a "sort-of" smile from my boy!

"Oh, it feels SO good to clap my hands together."

A diaper change brings a new outfit: the yellow hospital baby scrubs (mitts included!).

Maya and Sam bring artwork to decorate Matthew's room.

And Maya draws two LOVELY birthday banners.

Even with the mitts, Matthew figures out how to play with his favorite panda bear.

It's been quite a day here at Seattle Children's Hospital. I don't know who is more tired out: Matthew or his parents. Aaron will go home and get a good night's sleep tonight, and I'll stay here and spend another night with Matthew. Thank goodness my dad will come in the early morning to be my co-partner tomorrow.

I am praying hard that our boy FINALLY takes a real bottle tomorrow so we can go home. Our nurse just told us that as soon as he's eating regularly, we can go home--which could be tomorrow or Friday. Yikes. I don't know how any of us will survive yet another night in the hospital. I'm banking on tomorrow being our "food day."

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  1. We continue to think about you all and hope for a hungry stomach, and a soothed palate tomorrow. Hang in there...sleep will be yours again. In the mean time, know that LOADS of people love you guys and are thinking of you constantly!