Friday, September 2, 2011

Endings and Beginnings

The end of August has been a time of endings and beginnings at our house. On August 19, Cousin Parker spent his last Friday with us, since his mommy just quit her job to stay at home full time with him. Then on August 31, Sam started preschool. Maya got to go along on his first day, which was exciting for BOTH of them.

Fall is arriving quickly, and we're happy to be settling back into some routine around here.

Parker LOVES snack time with his cousins.

Mr. Sam is all smiles to welcome his buddy.

Sweet Maya wearing her nightgown made by Marmie especially for her.

First day of "Urban Nature School" preschool

Sam would wear this tye-dye shirt EVERY day if his mama let him.

Lucky boy to have his big sister go along to preschool on the first day.

Waiting for the Elevator.

Sam and Maya with Miss Chelsea (left) and Miss Colette (middle).

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