Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Busy, Full Month: June

It's been a very full month of June here at the Russell house. We celebrated two birthdays (Maya turned six and Sam turned three) plus Maya finished up her kindergarten year and we spent time with many friends and family members. Here, below, are some shots from the past several weeks.

Bedtime smiles from Sam and Maya.

Maya's 6th birthday cake: it's a parade!

Kaitlin and baby Mara came for Maya's birthday.

Our favorite cousin, Parker, 16 months.

Just before Maya opened her presents.

Maya's "kid" birthday party on June 12th. Aunt Amy came to help.

The birthday crew eating their cake, pirate's booty and watermelon.

Maya and Ms. Teague, her kindergarten teacher.

The night before Sam turned 3.

Sam's cake: a rollercoaster

Happy 3rd Birthday, Samuel Nathan.

Maya's last day of school, June 24.

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  1. 6 and 3 and kindergarten...oh, my! Your children are so beautiful. Love the birthday cakes...do I remember correctly that Aaron decorates them? Or maybe I'm confusing that with another family...whoever makes them, they're wonderful.