Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simple things

We have had a very wonderful end to November and start to December here at our house. In the midst of a busy season, we've dug in and tried to make simple, sweet memories together. Wearing a newly sewn nightgown, having a snowball fight, going to a tree farm to hunt for a Christmas tree, and decorating the house together have filled our quieter moments. In this season of Advent, of waiting for Christmas to come, we are finding joy together doing simple things.

Maya wearing her new nightgown made by Marmie. Notice that Baba has a matching nightgown too!

A Thanksgiving snowball fight. From left: Aaron, Sam, Grandpa Russell, Maya, Annemarie and Aunt Chrisy.

Maya sledding down the hill in our front yard.

Maya and Sam's Thanksgiving "snow turkey."

Picking out our Christmas tree.

The kids at the Christmas tree farm with Bapa and Marmie.

Posing in front of our decorated tree. Maya and Sam hold their favorite ornaments.

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  1. Maya looks so much like a younger version of you. What beautiful children they are. I really really love that snow turkey.