Monday, June 7, 2010

Maya's 5th Birthday

On Wednesday, June 2, we celebrated Maya's 5th birthday. It's hard to believe our girl is five years old already. How the years fly by!

Here is the birthday girl on her last night as a four-year old. 
 Daddy designed her cake, as he does every year. Maya's theme this year was "Carousel Horse." I think Aaron did a great job, don't you?
Sam got in on some of the excitement too. He even got his own present to open as Maya opened hers. Don't you wait, Sam. Your birthday is in just a few weeks too.

 Boy, oh, boy, we have two very smiley kids. Parties are like nothing else when you are little. I actually still remember my 5th birthday party (and I have pictures to prove it).


Maya opens presents as her friend Angelina supervises. That ribbon looks hard to get off.
Even Mama gets a picture with the Birthday Girl. Happy 5th Birthday, Maya Grace!

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  1. Happy birthday Maya! Kindergarten is just around the corner.

    I really like Sam's shirt in the previous post - reminds me of that poem by Lawson Inada about the shovel people.

    So fun to catch up with your family.