Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parker's Hundredth Day, May 17th

In the Korean tradition, the family of a baby throws a big party when the baby reaches his hundredth day. The historical reason for this stems back to when many babies died as infants, and reaching 100 days was a huge milestone in the child's longevity. Of course we had no worries about Parker making it to 100 days, but we still gathered to celebrate in the Korean tradition. My sister cooked a spread of delicious Korean food (bulgoki, kim-chee, chap-chae, kim-chee soup, and a whole host of traditional side dishes). Yum. Plus there was cute little Parker to celebrate. He was in good spirits for his party. Happy 100 Days, Parker!
Here is Parker, sitting in a little chair for his Hundredth Day Picture. We have a similar picture of my sister, when she was still in Korea, on her hundredth day.
Parker is really patient in putting up with all our pictures (our family is still pretty enamored of him), but at this point, I think he's not so sure about all the cameras and flashes.
And here are the three cousins. Happy Hundredth Day, Parker!

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  1. What a little sweetie he is! I bet you are having lots of fun as his auntie!

    My sis and I were planning on coming to your show in Greenwood last weekend, but the two road trips to get to Seattle left me too sleepy to venture out. (and my children would not go to sleep in the hotel room until about 10). phooey