Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our own Harvest Festival

I've always appreciated welcoming the seasons with enthusiasm. This year as the leaves were falling and Halloween was upon us, we spent a great deal of time outside, playing in the leaves.

I miss the big old maple tree that used to be in my parents' front yard. In order to collect enough leaves for an adequate jumping pile, we had to steal some from the neighbors. Imagine their disappointment when they came outside to find their entire lawn had been raked and taken to our yard! Yes, I'm joking. Bob, our neighbor, was elated!

Both Maya and Sam were all smiles after an afternoon of fresh air, earthy leaves, and sunshine. Ah, the joys of autumn.

Later that evening we completed our own Harvest Festival by carving pumpkins. Yes, mine had its traditionally sinister grimace and Aaron's pumpkin was strangely reminiscent of Pinocchio (see photo) but we had a great time. We even enjoyed some toasted pumpkin seeds as a late evening snack that evening.

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