Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Island Cafe

In a battle for first place, my family would certainly win, but I think the Island Cafe might just come in a close second. When we are in the Portland area, staying with my aunt and uncle, we regularly frequent this wonderful little spot located on Hayden Island on the Columbia River.

Even my grandma, who is 90, enjoys herself fully, feasting on beloved seafood while watching boats go up and down the river.

My wonderful aunt, after finishing her meal, always takes the kids to feed the ducks and walk around the docks. Aaron and I get to sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal in quiet.

We are all smiles after a wonderful dinner together.

My wonderful cousin Andrea and beloved Aunt Sue.

Sam tries to steal a drink of Dad's margarita, and I don't even notice. Sneaky, silly boy. I hope it was delicious!

90-year old Gonna LOVES being with family. And indeed, she's one of those who taught me to love family gatherings.

Here is Aunt Sue, with Andrea and Maya, feeding the ducks

There is something special about family traditions that bind us together and make memories that last a long time. Being at the Island Cafe with my family does just this. I'm thankful for this beautiful place, but even more thankful for the community and love of Aunt Sue, Uncle Doug, Andrea, and Gonna.

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